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Neurology in the Media

The brain is uniquely tied to who we are. For this reason, diseases of the brain have frequently been explored through the arts. Here we look at examples of neurology in news, books, movies, online, art and more.

True Strength
Kevin Sorbo, the man who played Hercules in the well-known television series, suffered from stroke in 1997 at the young age of 38. He has not only overcome the physical limitations of the stroke, but is now an advocate for awareness about cerebrovascular disease.

A Year of Neuroscience Research: 2012
A review of some of the most important findings and trends in neuroscience in 2012.

Books on Neurology- Reviews from the Harried Parent's Book Club
Some books about neurology, with a focus on the development of the brain in children.

Eight Movies About Alzheimer's Disease You Shouldn't Miss
These films explore the painful topic of Alzheimer's disease.

A Year of Neuroscience Research: 2011
The editorial review of an American Academy of Neurology publication has listed what it considers to be the most important neurological research papers of 2011.

The Zombie Brain
Two researchers have constructed a model of the fictional zombie brain, using the undead to liven up interest in neuroscience.

A Year of Neuroscience Research: 2013
What were some of the most interesting neuroscience publications in 2013?

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